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About Our Customers

StyroTrim is pleased and honored to be the brand of choice for homeowners, contractors, building owners and resellers. It is our mission to deliver quality products and excellent service to all of our customers.


StyroTrim offers homeowners the opportunity to access our complete line of home improvements products that would normally be accessible only to contractors, builders and resellers. Homeowners also receive our special Internet prices on all of our products. Open a new account with us and explore our Web site, get inspired and discover how we can help transform your house into a beautiful home - in just a weekend.


StyroTrim offers licensed contractors the opportunity to purchase our products at discount prices. Open a new account with us and include your company information, along with your state contractor license number. Once your StyroTrim account is approved, log on to the site with your designated password.

Building Owners

StyroTrim is pleased to help apartment building owners and other residential/commercial building owners enhance, beautify and increase the value of their structures. Building owners are encouraged to open a new account with us, explore our Web site and take advantage of our special Internet prices on all of our products.


StyroTrim offers dealers discounts on all orders, allowing them to resell StyroTrim products for a fair profit. Open a new account with us today and include information about your company, along with your reseller sales tax ID number. All products are shipped to a business location. This opportunity is a means to display StyroTrim products in retail locations throughout the United States. All Resellers will receive a countertop POP Display. All retailers who meet this performance standard will be added to our recommended authorized StyroTrim Professional Database for referrals.

Once you receive our approval notice, you can purchase StyroTrim products securely from our online Showroom with your login and password.