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Quoins are L-shaped pieces of trim positioned on the exterior corners of a home or structure. These pieces flatter the color and shape of a home or structure.

All Quoins are 2" thick. Select the desired style. Typically each leg of the Standard Quoin is identical, however, please note that the Staggered Quoin style has one leg that is 12" long and the other 16" long. This style achieves a "staggered" look when flipping alternating pieces.

"I had no idea what a quoin was until I saw the pictures. The effect I have created is marvelous".

Regina Broadbent, Durham, NH.

Beveled Quoins

Starting at $63.99

Dual Panel Quoins

Starting at $72.60

Staggered Quoin 12" x 16" x 12" tall

12 x 16 x 12" tall 2" thick Starting at $72.60

Standard Quoins

Starting at $52.80