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"StyroTrim accents transformed the house into something unique and beautiful."
- Don Hirsch, Designer, HGTV Curb Appeal

Homeowners across the country are turning to the StyroTrim brand of stucco and cement do-it-yourself products to help them transform their aging houses into beautiful homes. This affinity for the brand of wall, window and door accents has caught the eye of producers and designers at Home & Garden Television (HGTV), who feature StyroTrim products on one of their most popular shows, Curb Appeal.

"As a designer on HGTV Curb Appeal, it is my job to give a house an updated, fresh look that gives the house just that curb appeal" says Don Hirsch. "For this particular show, we gave the house a whole new look using architectural elements to give the house the substance and detail of a European manor. StyroTrim accents allowed us to add elements without heavy construction or expensive labor costs. Adding something as simple as one of these beautiful details transformed the house into something unique and special. I was pleased to find these trims to help transform a nice house into a beautiful home."

Refurbishing the Maryland house was a team effort. Homeowners Tom and Kim Scurlock and the Curb Appeal crew installed dozens of StyroTrim quoins angles and accents that form a decorative contrast against a wall to all exterior corners of the house using a common construction adhesive and special StyroTrim caulking. Viewers of tonight's show can watch as the house transforms from a simple, traditional house into a beautiful customized two-story home.

"Like many older colonial homes, ours had a boxy feel," says Tom. "The StyroTrim accents have softened the edges, giving the surface more texture. They have definitely made the house pop."

Kim Scurlock concurs. "We wanted to give our home a European feel, and the StyroTrim accents offered the perfect touch. The combination of StyroTrim accents, an iron gate and casement windows really helped us achieve that old-world look."

Made of highly advanced EPS materials, StyroTrim accents are coated with special cementitious acrylic making the products more durable, longer lasting and easier to install than wood.

"StyroTrim's do-it-yourself trims, sills and other accents add architectural class and value to any home," says Daniel Jurin, founder of the StyroTrim brand of products. "The home profiled on Curb Appeal is a wonderful testimonial on how anyone from a homeowner and apartment building owner to a contractor or builder can easily install our accents in just a weekend and get wonderful results."

StyroTrim has over 100 accents to choose from on its Web site at StyroTrim.com. The site also includes comprehensive information, easy installation guides and a photo gallery of homes that feature the StyroTrim accents.




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