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Arches are made with the same profiles of any of the standard trim pieces in our online catalog. You will be asked for a trim style (profile) when you place your order.

Your arch will match the measured dimensions you provide to us, so please CHECK ALL MEASUREMENTS before ordering.

Standard Arches

Standard arches are typically applied to a flat, vertical surface - around windows, and archways, and even to create a circle by combining two half arches. Inner and outer barrel arches are not typical and are explained below.

Arch Stucco Trims Stucco Trim Arches

Please Note: If your arch is not a true circular arch with a radius, these would be considered specialty arches and would require you to provide a pattern.

Barrel Arches

Barrel arches are typically used in both horizontal and vertical curved applications:

An example of a horizontal directional use would be if you had a curved wall and needed your horizontal (belly band) trim to continue into the curve at a corner. If the curve is an inside curve, you will need an inner barrel arch. If it is an outside curved wall surface you’ll need an outer barrel arch trim.

An example of a vertical directional use of a barrel arch is an arched (cased) opening. You can use a standard arch on the flat wall surface to trim the outer edge of your arch (looking straight on), but you will need an inner barrel arch if you want the curved cutout through the wall to have an arched finish. The uncoated surface fits into the inside vertical and curve of the opening. The same would be the case of you had a curved ceiling, say in a corridor or room, and wanted a ribbed-look featuring arches adhered to the curved ceiling. You would use inner barrel arches.